Global Soil Map 2017


Moscow, Russia



People's Friendship University of Russia
Russian Academic Excellence Project
V.V. Dokuchaev Soil Science Institute

V.V. Dokuchaev

Soil Science Institute

RUDN University

During the last decade we face an increasing demand for information on the state of the World soils from the specialists in soil management, global food security and ecological sustainability, and scientists making modeling of biosphere processes under changing climate.


The latest version of the Soil Map of the World has been finished in 1985. Since that time we accumulated new knowledge on soil geography, collected numerous field data, and created many regional and local soil maps. Completely new technologies (geospatial, remote sensing) of digital soil mapping have been developed. All this created the preconditions for the beginning of the work on a new digital global soil map.


To reach this ambitious aim a number of leading soil science institutions of various countries of the world created a Consortium that aimed to develop a methodology for global digital soil mapping, verify this methodology in different regions, and finally to make a digital Global Soil Map.


The methodology and approaches were discussed at a series of annual business meetings, international scientific workshops and conferences, the most important of which have been held in Orleans (France) in 2013 and in Ottawa (Canada) in 2015.

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